For over 10 years, our company has been certified according to the standards of ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)

Quality control at our printing house is an established system, and label production is subjected to multi-stage control at all stages of production. Starting with the automation of placing orders, storing all the data of production processes and giving each order an exclusive number for optimizing subsequent orders, ending with storing in the archive of cuts from each roll of the last two runs of each label for 5 years. Automation devoid of the human factor and control at every stage of production minimizes all the likelihood of printing errors.

Using the InkFormulation program and a spectrophotometer, a paint formulation is made in the colour laboratory, this allows you to achieve absolutely any shade or repeat any desired colour. The paint formulation is stored in the computer of the ink mixing station for further accurate recreation of the colour.

The client is invited to the first print, and a template is created in accordance with the subscription sheet, and further printing occurs in accordance with the standard. The standard and certificate based on the results of the verification are stored in the archive. Also in the archive are stored cuts from each roll of the last two runs of all the labels we made.

We are a member of FINAT, the worldwide association of self-adhesive label manufacturers. All materials manufactured in our production pass 100% control according to the FINAT method: FTM 8, FTM 9 and selective according to FTM 1 and 2. The label passes a random check for abrasion (resistance) of the paint by RUB-RT-01 Labthink tester, standards and methods - ASTM D5264, TAPPI T380.

All layouts are stored on servers with regular copying of hard drives. Independent servers are located in different rooms, which eliminates the loss of designs and layouts in case of unforeseen situations.

We take maximum measures to protect the client from counterfeit products. At the exit from our printing house, the client receives only a high-quality label along with an invoice and a quality certificate. All adjustment rolls, paint tests, rejected products and any other waste paper are destroyed by grinding and pressed into briquettes.

The printing house conducts continuous video monitoring of production with saving recordings on remote servers. Access to the premises of the printing house is made using ID cards in accordance with the level of access.