About our company

Self-adhesive label production

We cannot make the cheap free, we make the exclusive - affordable!

The company was founded as a label manufacturer more than 20 years ago. Soon, we began to specialize in the label of alcoholic beverages, this type of label is the most demanding and complex in terms of production processes.

In complexity, only luxury perfumes can be compared with an alcohol label.

But unlike perfumes, where in addition to visual appeal you can also smell the aroma, you can not always taste alcoholic beverages in the store. In this situation, the appearance is of utmost importance, because your label has only a few seconds in order to arouse the interest of the buyer.

We equipped our enterprise with the most modern machinery and technology, which allows us to produce not only the most complex and unusual labels, but also to produce materials with unique properties that are not on the market.

We offer analog and digital technologies, foil stamping, relief stamping, varnishing, hot and cold lamination, printing from the inside. The colour possibilities are limitless including foil options.

More than a hundred years ago, a personal car was considered a luxury only a few could afford. Henry Ford made it accessible to almost everyone. So we see our task in providing the customer with a label of the highest complexity, in any quantity, in a short time and at an affordable price.

Over the 20 years of our work, we have gained invaluable experience from the printing process to observing the condition of the labels many years after production. Not everything was always smooth, but these challenges gave us knowledge of labeling technologies in various conditions. Everything is important in this process! The size and shape of the bottle, the speed of labeling, the tension of the roll, the surface humidity and humidity in the room, the material, the thickness of the label, its shape.

Now, thanks to this knowledge, we can help the client avoid many problems that he might not even be aware of.

In this complex business, we work with clients not as customers, but as partners on whose success depends our success as well!