Our printing house creates self-adhesive labels, wrap-around, special tags. Our printing house has all the equipment that makes it possible for us to print offset printing, flexography, screen printing. In connection with them, such methods as hot foil stamping, carving, lamination, and also double-sided printing – without any limitations to the colors, and in any combination. All the kinds of printing and design without color limitations and in ever possible combination.

We also have unique technologies to create labels with carved and extracted elements inside the label. Apart from that we posess the technologies that allow us to create multilayer labels, carved labels, labels with cut out and remove details of the design, labels with integrated antennas that help protect the product from supermarket thefts.

We have a lot of experience in using fluorescent and phosphorescent dyes and micro hot stamping – for protection, as well as decorative purposes. The speed and quality of our work lets our clients plan packing and delivery of the product to their clients with confidence. The complexity of the label does not only raise it’s status and give it a more attractive look, but also helps to protect the brand from infringing article.

The technical know-how of our company lets us help even the most impossible designs come to life. Our printing house lets you not just print your high quality labels, but also make your unique design come to life, and make your dreams about your product’s image become reality.

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