Quality control in our printing house is a precise system, and the creation of any label surpasses a multistage quality control process on every level of manufacture. Starting from the automation of orders and keeping all the data for manufacturing processes and giving to each of it an exceptional number for faster manufacturing orders ending with preservation of slices with two runs in the last 5 years in the archives. Automation devoid from human factors and control at every level of production minimizes the possibility of all printing errors.

The client is invited to the first printing, and according to the subscription list is created template, and the further printing process goes in accordance to the template. Template, certificate on the audit stores in the archive. Also in the archive are stored slices from each roll of the last two editions.

The color lab using the program InkFormulation and spectrophotometer for creating recipes of colors. It allows to create absolutely any shade or repeat any of existent hues. The recipes of paints are stored for precise reconstruction of color.

The label takes on a spot check Rub-abrasion tester RT-01 Labthink, standards and methods- ASTM D5264, TAPPI T380.

For wrap-around labels, we review the coefficient of friction (COF) in accordance to ASTM D 1894 using the MXD 02 Labthink. In case of deviation from the standard, selection of varnishes and paints is made for it’s removal.

Control of the compliance of colors produced by the program ColourQuality. Also the laboratory has JGT-machines, light cameras, mixing paints station, digital microscope for measurement of the register and the combination of colors.

We are members of the world-wide association for manufacturers of self-adhesive labels FINAT.