The uniqueness of our client’s product is our priority not only in the process of making, but long after it. We especially look into not only the physical, but also the intellectual safety of the labels printed in our printing house.

After finishing the project, the client gets a high quality label and the subscription list but also all the surplus production, over-circulation, any other waste paper is destroyed by grinding and pressed into briquettes.

All of the prototypes are saved ob servers with regular hard drive exchange. Independent servers are located in separate rooms, which insures that the design and prototype data won’t be lost in case of an emergency or other unforeseen events.

The printing house is constantly surveyed by video cameras, that look over the production lines and save the video on separate servers. Access into the spaces within the printing house is controlled via ID-cards with different levels of access.

We are taking maximum action to make sure our client is protected from infringing article. Industrial premises, equipment and materials are insured in international insurance companies. Our company is a user of a 5.000.000 euro insurance against the harming of 3rd persons to our products.